Preparing for Your Representation


Openness. In order to best represent your interests, your lawyer must know all of the facts of your case, including the bad points. Knowing about something potentially harmful ahead of time will allow your lawyer to prepare an effective defense and protect your rights. Surprises, on the other hand, will work against you.

Goals. Let us know what you expect from the litigation process. We can help you to develop realistic goals that are also cost-effective. Keep in mind that litigating smaller issues will usually cost you more money than you might expect. It may not be worth it in the long run to litigate small issues.

Appointments. If you need to speak to us in person, call ahead to make an appointment. Otherwise, your lawyer may be in court or meeting with another client.

Contact. Because we are frequently out of the office and in court in the morning, the best time to contact us is in the afternoons.

Email. Perhaps the most efficient method to contact your lawyer to send an email. While we may be in court or with other clients, we will be sure to receive your message wherever we may be.

Telephone Calls

Preparation. Before calling, make a list of questions that you wish to discuss. This will ensure that we cover all of your concerns in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Necessity. Remember that, as lawyers, we charge for the time spent on your matter. While we seek to encourage open communication, please keep in mind that you may be charged for each telephone call.

Business Hours. Except in cases of emergency, refrain from calling your lawyer at his or her home. We will not have your file on hand and will be handicapped in our attempt to assist you.

The Larger Picture

Stress. The litigation process can be both lengthy and emotionally draining. Lawsuits can last months or even years before reaching a conclusion. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a strong circle of friends and family will help you to approach your case more effectively.

Outside Help. Should you need professional assistance, we can assist you in locating a trained therapist or doctor or other professional.

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