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Selecting an attorney to represent your interests is one of the most important decisions you will make. We take a direct, straight-forward, and honest approach to representing our clients. Our clients can expect a highly organized, skilled and aggressive advocate.

We ensure that our clients are empowered, consulted and involved in each step of the process. Our extensive experience, reputation and knowledge separates us from our competition. We are very proud of what our former clients have said about us.

“Best I’ve seen.”

I have dealt with may well known lawyers over 20 years. Bill is the best I have ever come in contact. Bill has a wealth of legal knowledge and is able to express his ideas both in writing and verbally. Bill will defend his client but just as important he will do what is right by his clients. Bill will lead you in the right direction, and he takes a true interest in his clients. No matter how hard you look you will never find a better lawyer to be in your corner. I very seldom recommend people, but in this case, he is truly outstanding.

“If you’re looking for Intelligence, Integrity and Honesty, speak with Bill.”

I approached Bill to represent me after seeing him action representing another client. In that engagement, I believed him to be knowledgeable and focused on a fair resolution. I was looking for a smart, fair-minded family lawyer, and I was not disappointed.

Bill took up my matter, which had a history of distrust and contention with my spouse. He didn’t waste my time or his time engaging in ways to dispute our positions, focusing instead on the statues and how they have been shaped by current case law. I a impressed that he knew most of the current cases from memory. In a matter of a few weeks, we came to a satisfactory, uncontested agreement that both parties considered fair.

I particularly appreciated his explanation of how to use his time effectively to keep fees in check, and his quick response to my e-mails.

I’ve worked with a number of attorneys over the past two decades, and Bill is at the top of my list.

“Recommend to any business owner.”

Bill is unique in that while he is a gifted litigator he is equally adept in transactional matters. Additionally, Bill’s practice is geared toward middle market business and in dealing with him for over 20 years he has always priced his services fairly. We would heartily recommend him to any small to medium business owner.

Excellent Divorce Attorney.”

I was given Mr. Arendt’s name approximately ten months ago to facilitate a prolonged divorce. After our initial meeting/interview, I chose Mr. Arendt over two other lawyers I had also spoken with. From that point on there were no surprises, and I felt him to be a very competent, efficient, well advising friend in my corner. My settlement was better than expected and his fees were very fair.

“Fantastic Attorney.”

Bill helped me with the legal aspect of setting up an S-Corporation, maintaining the corporate paperwork and filings, as well as dissolving the same corporation a few years later. He offers sound advice in clear terms, always looks out for your best interest, is trustworthy, and promptly responds to calls and e-mail messages. I have absolute confidence in Bill and highly recommend him as an attorney. Should the need arise in the future, I will not hesitate to call Bill for his services again. He is an attorney that goes above and beyond. I have complete confidence in Bill Arendt.

“Wish I had known of Bill earlier in my divorce.”

Bill became involved in my divorce case at the tail end of a lengthy, 3 year divorce. This was due to the retirement of my previous attorney. I have told many people close to me that I wish Bill had been referred to me when the whole process started. I have a strong feeling that the divorce would have been handled in a matter unlike the three ring circus that had prevailed for almost 3 painful years. Representation in these cases are very important. The twists and turns can be unimaginable, and you need the right person on your side.

“Highly Recommend William Arendt.”

I interviewed several attorneys and selected William Arendt for my divorce case. Not only did I feel Mr. Arendt was the right one for my case, but other lawyers and clients suggested him too. I wanted someone who would fight for me and had both divorce and business law expertise to get through a more complicated divorce situation involving business valuations. I counted on Mr. Arendt to steer me through a process that was new to me. His knowledge of the system, judges, and law helped guide me in decision making. His contacts were helpful in expediting the process which saved money and time. He was honest, assertive, responsive, compassionate and got the job done. He has terrific negotiating skills and was the glue that kept everyone together and moving forward. Mr. Arendt is everything that a lawyer should be and I’d highly recommend him to anyone.

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